Why your business needs heydoor

As a business using heydoor you will enjoy ZERO commission and exclusive benefits including...

  • 100% of every dollar from every sale is yours! (NO Commission!); 
  • Designed for outside ordering and receiving so more customers can be reached;  
  • Receive orders and payments instantly with cashless transactions; 
  • Encourage customer loyalty with our built-in loyalty program; 
  • Invite new customers to experience your services at the door; 
  • No QR coding needed and promotes social distancing in design;  
  • Social Media marketing and promotions; 


As a business using heydoor say hello to your new customers:

  • People with their fur babies when out and about;   
  • People with disabilities including wheelchairs and mobility scooterss 
  • People who find public settings and crowds overwhelming 
  • People who struggle communicating with others including hearing and speech;  
  • Carers who care for people with disabilities;  
  • Parents with prams and small children;  
  • Time saving by making shopping super quick and easy

Why everyone loves heydoor

Let’s start our exciting relationship together!

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