Vendor FAQ’s

Vendor FAQ’s

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  • How is heydoor different from other apps?

    heydoor is kind of like a Drive-Thru McDonalds, but on foot. With all the delivery apps on the market, delivery partners and customers have to go inside to collect their order along with click-and-collect. However, with heydoor we take the hassle out of your customers needing to go inside, with our brand new service procedure - that’s never been done before! Customers order and pay on the go with our app, find their way to your business and collect their order from your friendly staff outside your door.

  • How does the heydoor app work?

    The heydoor app has a map to show customers what’s around them within a few km radius. As a heydoor vendor, your business will appear on the map. The customer is able to access your menu and order what they need. You receive the order via your heydoor terminal or POS and the customer is notified of acceptance. There are just a few more step to this process and you will be given a user manual & training but Its really simple and super easy to hand the order out the door.

  • Is there any cost involved in using heydoor?

    Cost For Customers There is a small service fee of 4.7% of the total order amount (inc. GST), which covers the card payment fee and helps us keep the app running, as well as fund the heydoor movement for customer exclusive events, discounts, giveaways and more! Eg: $10 order will be $10 + .47c = $10.47 Cost For Vendors There is 0% Commission (...that's right - no commission!). Vendors pay a small $55/month partnership fee which includes: social media marketing, digital publicity and an integrated loyalty program, with a month-to-month engagement and the option to cancel anytime with 30 days notice. That’s it!

  • What menu items can I upload to the heydoor app?

    It’s recommended that you list the items like on your menu & that are easily handed to the customer. This can be anything packed into a paper bag or takeaway container. Make sure it’s wrapped or packaged well, and that all beverages are securely contained.

  • How do I receive the heydoor vendor terminal?

    heydoor will be in contact with you directly to arrange a time to meet at your business and to set this up for you. All you need is your POS system if you have one and wifi. If you don’t have a POS system to use, don’t worry - we can provide you with a tablet to use!

  • How do I download the heydoor app for vendors?

    As a vendor, you will have your own online software that we set up for you, where you’ll be able to create your menu with items available for takeaway. Simply fill in the onboarding form and we will get that started for you asap. If you are a vendor and you would like to have the app which your customers will be using, simply jump onto our customer web page and click the download the app button.

  • How should I support the heydoor brand in my store?

    Simply by becoming a vendor and adopting the heydoor service system and keeping in touch via email and social media. We will provide you with a window decal, flyers, posters and a counter information stand for you to display so customers recognise our relationship.

  • Who can I speak to about becoming a heydoor vendor?

    Fill out our contact form and heydoor founder Mel will call you for a chat.

  • I am having a problem with my heydoor vendor terminal - who can I contact?

    We’re here for you! Give us a shout via email at

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