About Us

About Us

Founder & Creator

Hey, I’m Mel. I’m the creator of heydoor.

In 2015 I got Inca (my toy poodle) and instantly became a woman with restrictions.

How? We walk a lot, and Inca is always with me.

So I found myself not being able to go into a store, a cafe, a restaurant or even a market for something to eat or drink because our fur babies are not allowed in. Of course, I can tie her up somewhere, but it’s actually really not safe for her, and it’s not safe for the public. I’m always left with this problem.

Which got me thinking…

What about people in wheelchairs or mobility scooters who can’t climb steps, open doors on their own, are left searching for a place with a ramp or rely heavily on other people to help them. What about a parent with a pram struggling to get inside, and if what if it’s crowded? They can’t exactly leave their child outside just to go in for their order.

But that’s just the surface.

I spent a lot of time reflecting on people around me who suffer from mental health issues like anxiety disorders or phobias, where being in crowds or public settings are overwhelming and even the elderly who may struggle doing the day-to-day.


Co-Founder & CTO

VJ is the co-founder of heydoor, bringing the integral IT experience of the app into your hands.

VJ is a keen animal lover with two cats and a dog. Spending after-work time with Cleo, Ace and Harvey is a must in his daily schedule

Mel presented her concept and idea to VJ in March 2020 as Melbourne was in the very first restriction stages & VJ went home to think about it for a little while and came back with a yes, his in!

In mid 2020 when Harvey the doggo came along, VJ joined  the dog owner’s group with accessibility issues then his need for heydoor came along. .


Our People




Our vision – Happy people living easier lives

At heydoor, our Vision is to help people live happier and easier lives by bringing everything they need within (ARMs™) reach in a world where inclusivity and accessibility is celebrated.

We see a world where physical and mental health is supported through collaboration and open dialogue to empower everyone to be mindful and live active lifestyles (and yes… this includes your fur babies!).

We are building a vibrant community that is engaged with the world around them by creating new and exciting customer-vendor relationships, which supports you the people and the businesses you love.

We believe in kindness to all people and their fur babies and are passionate about ethical, environmental and sustainable practices and together we can find better ways of doing things to help our planet continue to thrive and support our communities for many generations to come.

If you share our vision in creating a world we can be proud of, a community that supports one another and life without restrictions we invite you to join our social community and be part of The heydoor Movement.

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